Random thoughts about females and Eastern cultures


“Males don’t get pregnant” by this ignorant statement, middle eastern XY chromosomes fuck around, have more than 1 sexual partner, perform premarital sex and taboo such actions to their females.

Sometimes I wonder what logic they use and ask some silly stuff , Do they ever use their brains ?? Why can’t she act the same as you do ?? Why is a “NON-VIRGIN” girl a slut , and a “NON-VIRGIN”  guy is cool ?? Do religions (Christianity and Islam)  license guys to do whatever they want just cause they don’t bleed during their first sexual experience ??? Haven’t god created you equal?? Why are females judged by their virginity and men don’t ?? in more ignorant poorer suburbs in upper Egypt, Women are murdered if they don’t bleed during their first sexual intercourse, disregarding the medical fact  that there are types of hymen that never bleed when cut !! Another fact: in the suburbs some families till now perform female genital mutilation (FGM), claiming that it keeps the girl away from premarital sex  !!!!

Eastern cultures have always been sexist, women can’t stay out late while men can do whatever they want, cause girls have reputation, For God’s sake MEN ALSO HAVE REPUTATION, and YEAH most girls dislike the playboy kind of guys,Women are always blamed  for the sexual harassment, WHY ??? cause they have boobs , because WE arabs think using our dicks

Well I was just stating some random thoughts, not like I said something new..anyway those problems are very easily solved, how ?? EDUCATION and educational campaigns, to end sexism and violence against women


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