Story of my inner conflicts, diary of a revolutionary bourgeoisie

On the same horizontal line
by the banks of the same river nile, the river that beholds the filthy rich billionaires and the extreme angry hungry mob, during their joyful and depressed moments

Tamarai and Abdelmonem ryad square
The first is the high-end bar/club where I used to hang-out frequently paying 500+ for a couple of drinks and some cold cuts, the second is a bus stop ..not an ordinary one, it’s bathed with blood after many massacres that took place inside and nearby(tahrir)

Am I the same person?? who was driving carelessly under the influence and now running away from Military police with injured people, covered with blood, not giving a shit is it my own or not ??
definitely NOT

Well what encouraged me to write that, txting with a friend and she was like, today I watched the final UEFA champions league at fairmont, it was a beer fest (free beer day), I shouted: FREE BEER, why didn’t you tell me ?? she was like: it was a guest-list
I felt so left out, I was a regular visitor to such events, What happened to me ??
Am I ruining my life or what ??


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